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Since 2019, Plugged In Media has been the driving force behind the digital engine of Japfest Silverstone, Europe’s premier celebration of Japanese car culture. It’s been a journey marked by screeching tires, revving engines, and an ever-growing community of gearheads united by their passion for the open road.

Amplifying the event

We started with a shared vision: to amplify the roar of Japfest into the digital stratosphere. From humble beginnings, we’ve meticulously crafted a multi-faceted campaign that encompasses social media management, strategic marketing consultancy, stunning photography and videography, email campaigns that reach the heart of the enthusiast community, influencer engagement that sparks conversation, website design and management that keeps the show on the road, and media buying that fuels the hype machine.

Results of the Event Marketing

And it’s worked. Each year has seen Japfest Silverstone roar back louder than ever, culminating in the record-breaking 2023 event. We weren’t just part of a sell-out crowd; we helped make it happen. Silverstone was packed with thousands of passionate car lovers, all drawn by the irresistible magnetism of Japfest – and the digital trail we blazed.

Japfest Silverstone 2024

But the story doesn’t end there. 2024 is already gearing up for another epic chapter, with over 12,000 tickets snatched up in just a month and a half. The engine is roaring, the excitement is palpable, and Plugged In Media is right behind the wheel, pushing the pedal to the metal.

We’re not just marketing partners; we’re fans, fellow enthusiasts, and believers in the power of Japfest to ignite a shared passion. We’re thrilled to be part of the team, witnessing firsthand the dedication and creativity that goes into making this event a cultural phenomenon.

So mark your calendars for April 7th, 2024. Japfest Silverstone promises to be a sensory feast of roaring engines, gleaming chrome, and the raw energy of a community united by their love for Japanese automotive excellence. And Plugged In Media will be there, capturing it all, amplifying the roar, and ensuring that the legacy of Japfest lives on, one pixel, one post, one revving engine at a time.

Get ready to shift gears and experience the thrill of Japfest Silverstone, powered by the digital engine of Plugged In Media. We’ll see you at the track!

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