Fast Car Entertainment brings the thrill of automotive events to life – they host some of the UK’s premier modified car shows at renowned race tracks like Silverstone. We proudly collaborate with them, delivering sponsorships and selling tickets while creating captivating content that stimulates motorsports enthusiasts.

Shows include: Japfest Silverstone, TRAX Silverstone, Ford Fair Silverstone, German Car Show Silverstone and VWt Festival

We have been working with Fast Car Entertainment since 2019.

Marketing Support


With the operations team by our side, we constructed and implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy utilizing both traditional and digital means. Our collaboration yielded successful results!

PR & Media Buying

PR & Media Buying

Our team of PR experts worked diligently to ensure maximum exposure in local and national publications by connecting with popular magazines and newspapers. In addition, cost-effective rates were secured for print advertisements as well as digital platforms.

Commercial Support

Commercial Support

Through collaborative work between our sales team and ourselves, we heightened the visibility of sponsors and established innovative strategies for our sales staff to maximise their success.

Live Marketing

On the Day

We were responsible for keeping the audience engaged and informed on all of our events by utilising social media channels. Additionally, we managed content creation with a photographer and videographer to capture each show in its entirety – helping create anticipation for round two!

Cambridgeshire Marketing Agency

Sell out crowds

To increase marketing reach, Fast Car Entertainment teamed up with Plugged In Media to build an innovative plan. The strategy focused on reducing paid activities while engaging attendees and creating captivating content – thus optimising resources in order to make a maximal impact.

A Fresh Approach

After studying the data, we identified optimal methods to redirect our advertising budget from traditional channels and shift towards content creation and social media marketing. We decided that a personalised approach was necessary in order to cast a more focused net for maximum reach.

Automotive Event Marketing
Automotive Event Marketing

The Results

We took a multi-pronged approach to aid our clients; reducing their marketing spend, boosting ticket sales and providing the commercial team with additional support. The culmination of this work saw remarkable results – including an impressive increase in day two gate sales through successful onsite activation initiatives.