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Reach your target audience with the right message at the right time

As you’ll know, social media is a vitally important tool for building your following and staying connected to your customers. Whether it’s a matter of customer service, launching new products, or inspiring passionate brand advocates, a strong social media presence is vital to your marketing strategy.

Here at atom42 we’re keen to become an extension of your business, and that can include managing your social media presence. While we’re happy working on organic social activity, our teams also have plenty of experience running paid social campaigns. We understand how these can drive you customers cost-effectively by targeting only the specific demographics that your messages will resonate with the most. Want to just show your ads to mums over 40, living in London, who like baking? We can do that for you.

We can help you select the right platform to reach your audience



Getting you noticed on a busy timeline, and serving eye-catching content to help users learn about you and convert.02


Thumb-stopping posts combined with niche targeting to generate engagement and build up a buzz around your brand.03


Putting your best foot forward with responsive tweets that get the heart of what your customer needs from you.04


Targeting by business, job role or demographic to reach professionals who are most likely to want to know you.05


Giving a visual, human touch and an opportunity to appear in front of younger users while they’re in the ‘discovery’ mindset.06


A new marketing platform means exciting new opportunities. We have the industry know-how to build effective TikTok campaigns.