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Sports and Fitness Marketing

Skin that glows, guaranteed.

Whether you are a professional sportsperson, club, personal trainer (PT) or gym, we have you

Social media has revolutionised the digital fitness market. Aspirational posts, bloggers and fashion trends have transformed the way people think about the health and fitness industry. Rather than feeling obliged to go to the gym three times a week, it is now something they make time for and look forward to. And your business helps them achieve this.

The problem? The health and fitness industry is massive and you need people to find your gym, fitness studio or yoga class online. You’re so busy organising and leading classes, spending time with clients and generally running the place that you don’t have time to spread the word through your social and digital channels. Creating successful content marketing campaigns takes a lot more planning than you think and it’s difficult to stay ahead of the game when you have so much to do.

Plugged In Media can help with clear content and social planning to help educate your clients and guide them towards their fitness and wellbeing goals. We can also organise targeted advertising to make sure we’re reaching the right people in the right areas.

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