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Successful Digital Marketing in the New Normal

Firstly, the term “NEW NORMAL” is just a hyped up media word. But we thought we’d throw it in for the SEO 😉 Right let’s get to it!

When the pandemic first hit, marketing was one of the industries that felt an impact. The knee-jerk reaction of many businesses was to immediately stop ‘unnecessary’ spending, fearful of how long they would have to survive on a reduced turnover. And digital marketing seemed to fit neatly into that bracket.

However, the world continued to turn and those same businesses realised that if anything, marketing was now an essential, a way to keep in touch with their consumers and clients. The longer the pandemic and its resulting changes continued, the more easily we adapted to the new normal. But how can you make sure your marketing hits the right note in these quickly changing times?

Pivot your brand and messaging

Pivoting is now as overused as ‘adapting’ and ‘new normal’ but it does sum up perfectly what businesses can do to stay ahead in these times. For example, a business that previously relied on exhibitions and events to sell its products now must pivot to have a convincing and competitive  online presence. The same goes for messaging. The hard, unemotive sales pitch doesn’t feel appropriate with so much uncertainty regarding health and the economy. So rethink your sales pitch, possibly some of your product lines and refocus on a softer approach, tuning in to the newer language and heightened emotion.

Beware, though, not to abandon your existing brand messaging. You want to talk to the same consumers but in a way to which they are more receptive right now – without completely changing tack and abandoning your brand ethos and values.

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Personalise your brand and messaging

Marketing should have always been a two-way conversation between you and your customer. If it wasn’t pre-Covid, it certainly should be now. You need to tap into what your end users are saying and listen to them. This will help you understand them more deeply and keep up with their shifting needs and emotions. Now that everyone’s online presence has had to increase, use this fast-changing environment to test out and experiment with new strategies – don’t go mad and reinvent yourself overnight, but introduce or trial small, subtle changes that correspond to how consumers are behaving.

Study your consumers’ behaviour

Internet usage has skyrocketed since the beginning of 2020, with consumers using it for everything from buying groceries and home entertainment to keep connected with family and friends. Use your new and appropriate messaging to advertise where your consumers are spending their time and where they will be receptive to seeing your services. There is a difference between selling and being useful so make sure you choose the right strategy for the right media.

Don’t forget that blatantly using the  coronavirus as a selling tool will not go down well with social media platforms and will likely do you more harm than good. Keep an eye on your analytics to make sure this isn’t happening.

Successful brands and businesses are those that have managed to communicate appropriately and with the right degree of empathy. If you can do this and be willing to keep adapting as the situation develops, you will keep and more than likely grow your consumer base.   

If you are unsure of which digital and social media platforms will work best for you right now, Plugged In Media can advise and help you make the most from your marketing budget.

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